UPVC Replacement Windows
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March 16, 2017
What about prices for uPVC Sash Windows?
What about prices for uPVC Sash Windows?
May 12, 2019
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UPVC Replacement Windows

UPVC Replacement Windows

Alu Clad Windows: Yes or No?

Are you looking to replace your traditional sliding sash windows with something more robust? While traditional timber sash windows have their merits, maybe you are considering a type of window with fewer maintenance issues?

Perhaps you are considering an overall outward change to the look of your home and want something that adds quality without breaking the budget?

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UPVC Replacement WindowsIn this case, you may want to consider alu clad sash windows for your home. The beauty, style and practical nature of these windows mean more than just durability, you can significantly reduce your time in the maintenance and care of these windows while paying a fair, competitive price for them as well. When it comes to matching up to your expectations, alu clad windows are built to exceed them.

Certainly one of the biggest advantages that these windows have over the traditional timber versions is the ease of maintenance over the years they are in use. Consider that even the best timber variety windows will need to be repainted every so often, usually after ten years or sometimes another year or two longer depending on the environment. But still, having to repaint your timber windows and keeping an eye out for cracks, splits and other issues with timber can be a little annoying and if you forget and don’t catch a problem early, may lead to a more expensive repair issue. With alu clad windows, you don’t have to worry about rot, splits or even rust with aluminium. Now you can enjoy great looking windows that do not have to be painted unless that is what you want.

Another great attribute of alu clad windows is their clean lines and how they fit particularly well into newer homes. The style of these windows makes them easy to fit in to the style that your home presents. While timber can add a bit of character to much older homes, an alu clad window can work well with almost any type of home.

What usually influences the decision for most people about windows as well as most other products is the cost. Both the timber and aluminium style have their advantages and you will certainly want to take into consideration the type of home you have and go over all the styles so as to make the best informed choice. But the bottom line is that while both timber and aluminium windows are close to equal in their prices, the lack of maintenance costs for the alu clad windows is generally what sways most buyers to choosing these long lasting, durable and attractive windows for their home.

So when you are considering new windows for your residence, be sure to consider all the facts in making the best informed choice possible when it comes to the look, style and cost factors of selecting the right type of windows for your home.

While timber certainly has some advantages in look, especially on much older homes, alu clad can be an excellent choice as well. See more here: https://www.doubleglazingpriceguide.org.uk/