25-27 September. This is not a NWEMF workshop but is such an important event it is included here.  'Fair Britain Isle' - ECSE Academy Weekend  English Music for Cornetts and Sackbuts from Henry VIII to the Restoration 

Venue: Cartmel, Cumbria. Directed by Gawain Glenton (cornett) and Adrian France (sackbut) The workshop is for cornetts, sackbuts and other instruments.


Information about the weekend is here Application form is here


17th October Robin Hood! with Sara Stowe, at Grappenhall. Full details here


'Songs of Robin Hood and Marian’.


Sara Stowe’s workshop explores the vocal music inspired by the 12th century tale of Robin and Marian in the Greenwood.


Tales of Robin and Marian in the Greenwood are a firmly entrenched part of Britain’s national consciousness. The reality is more complicated as Robin and Marion have counterparts in other national traditions, and have been a running theme in music as well as folklore. This project offers a practical investigation of some of these transnational traditions from the medieval to the early modern. 

  • Repertoire on the course focuses mainly on the polyphonic songs and will include

  • 12th century polyphonic two, three and four part Norman French motets in French and Latin including works by Adam de la Halle;

  • Monophonic pastoral songs of the trouvères by Jehan Erard.

  • Rustic Minnisinger songs by Neidhart von Reuental and Walther von der Vogelweide;

  • 16th century polyphonic chansons (3 to 6 parts), by Josquin des Prez and Jean Mouton

  • English 18th century ballads.

The full details and forms are here.


28th November The Lions of St. Marks. Venetian polychoral music with Jamie Savan. A workshop for instruments and singers. Venue, Didsbury Baptist Church, Beaver Road/School Lane, Didsbury M20 6SX. Details and application for is here.


Saturday 23rd January 2016 Madrigals for Spring Tutor: Martin Westhorp St Barts, Westhoughton, Lancashire

Saturday 20th February 2016 Libera nos….Libera me Tutor: Peter Syrus St Mary the Virgin Cilcain. The music will bracket the year 1538 which is now known to be the date of the famous hammer beam roof in the church.

Saturday 5th March 2016 Music for Lent and Passiontide Tutor: Roger Wilkes

Saturday 16th April 2016 Handel and Bononcini Didsbury(?) Tutor: David Vickers


Saturday 14th May 2016 Music from the golden age of Spain Natland, Cumbria Tutor: Clive Walkeley

Saturday 18th June 2016 Clemens non Papa Didsbury(?) Tutor: Stephen Rice