27th June. Portugese Polyphony. A workshop for singers with David Allinson. At Holy Ascension Church, Church Lane, Upton, Chester



Duarte Lobo (d.1646): Missa pro defunctis a8 (extracts); Audivi vocem de caeloPater peccavi

Manuel Cardoso (d.1650): Missa pro defunctis a6 (extracts); SitivitNon mortui

The sumptuous sacred music composed in Iberia during the first half of the 17th century is profoundly conservative in style. While elsewhere in Europe composers embraced Italian innovations such as madrigalism, monody and basso continuo, the Spanish and Portuguese spurned such ‘baroque’ affectation, maintaining the hallowed stile antico, as brought to perfection in the hands of Palestrina. The rich-textured masses and motets of Duarte Lobo and Manuel Cardoso, the two greatest composers of Portugal’s late-flowering musical Renaissance, have all the technical refinement of Palestrinian polyphony but are also bathed in a new harmonic richness and chromatic colour that is found nowhere else. Booking information is here.


19th September, The Swiss orpheus, Senfl and composers working in South Germany during the 16th Century. A workshop for voices, viols and recorders. With Eileen Silcocks. At The Meeting House Lancaster. Details and application slip here.


Ludwig Senfl (born around 1486, died between December 2, 1542 and August 10, 1543) was a Swiss composer active in Germany. He was the most famous pupil of Heinrich Isaac, was music director to the court of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, and was an influential figure in the development of the Franco-Flemish polyphonic style in Germany.



25-27 September. This is not a NWEMF workshop but is such an important event it is included here.  'Fair Britain Isle' - ECSE Academy Weekend  English Music for Cornetts and Sackbuts from Henry VIII to the Restoration 

Venue: Cartmel, Cumbria. Directed by Gawain Glenton (cornett) and Adrian France (sackbut) The workshop is for cornetts, sackbuts and other instruments.


Information about the weekend is here Application form is here


17th October Music from the court of Henry VIII with Sara Stowe, at Grappenhall. Details TBA


28th November Venetian polychoral music with Jamie Savan. A workshop for instruments and singers. Details TBA


January 2016 a workshop with Martin Westhorp in St Bart's Westhaughton. Details TBA


14th May 2016 A Natland "Spanish workshop" with Clive Walkley. Details TBA


18th June 2016 Clemens non Papa. with Stephen Rice. Details TBA